Who Is He?

You know him he’s your son, your best friend, your student, your neighbor, your quarterback, and he’s your hero. He always stops to help you, encourages you, and impresses you with his manner even though he expects nothing in return from you. He holds out his hand to help you up. He gives his best to everything he sets out to do. He gives his best to others. He stands by his Christian faith. We have met him many times over the years always searching for and finding him in the crowd because he stands tall above it.

He’s more than just a high school athlete he’s a leader and our future. You’ve seen the future because he’s been in front of you the whole time. The future is in our youth. Youth show us through their faith & actions that they’re the hope for our future and our help in the present. Yes we’ve definitely seen the future and want to encourage that future to stay the course and fight for their faith and what’s right in this world! High school athletes that are leaders now will be leaders in the future.

what people are saying

Such a great organization for young athletes! Thank you for all you do!

Amanda Smith

This foundation is great everyone. They show and teach everything everyone needs to know how to be great example

Carrie Southern

What a great organization!

Angel Watts-Huffman